Keeping up consistent quality across various projects can be a challenging task. The problem often lies in ensuring that tasks within different projects adhere to the same high standards. The solution is the integration of Virtual Assistance.

Calendar Maintenance





MS Office


Quotation and order support

Social Media Management


Administration, Correspondence, and Proof Reading

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Remote PMO plan?

Our Virtual Assistance service takes over daily office tasks: from calendar maintenance to invoicing, from travel and social media management to administration and correspondence.

From small to very big companies, there is always a multitude of tasks to be completed in a short amount of time and keeping everything on track (remotely) is not always that simple. Time and resources management may be perfect and still, you may feel like you are running out of energy or control.


  • E&P provides virtual support of the highest quality.
  • Our Virtual Assistance experts offer a wide range of administrative and management services, quickly and efficiently.
  • We see ourselves as partners in your projects, not just service providers.
  • We embrace our responsibility and work as a cohesive team with our clients.

Our Virtual Assistance keeps your back free and thus enable you to work more efficiently and achieve your goals.

Time and Travel Management


Organizing your working time efficiently and manage resource and energy can be tricky on an everyday basis. Meetings can overlap, calendars may be full and last-minute business travels can lead to overloaded working schedules.


Our Virtual Assistance services give you the most important resource back: the time to focus on your work and to catch new business and contact opportunities. With our support you can streamline your schedule, manage meetings, and plan trips efficiently.

Organization, administration, and maintenance


Despite having highly skilled and experienced employees, the Company’s project management tasks are often neglected due to their busy day-to-day schedules. This results in project delays and overruns, costing companies money and causing frustation among their employees.



A strategic Remote PMO can help companies to free up their employees from daily or routine tasks and focus on more strategic and value-added activities by providing access to experienced professionals, expertise in project management, and the tools and resources necessary to improve their project management capabilities.

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Basic PMO

Use our basic services to introduce a common vocabulary and standard to build the basis for scalability.

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If you wish more input for financials and planning, we provide additional insights, based on WAGILE™ standard KPIs.

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With our premium services, we also take over delivery responsibility and actively monitor and steer (parts of) your delivery/portfolio. A Senior Consultant is assigned as a single point of contact.

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Our virtual assistance takes over daily office tasks to have your back and thus enable you to work more efficiently and achieve your goals.

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