The essence of the E&P success story is simple:  It is our achievement to scale our project delivery practices in different domains and industries!  The secret is our own

WAGILE™ Governance Framework and WAGILE™ Toolset.

We know that many organisations struggle to introduce agile models and execute their digital transformations while continuing to deliver a full roadmap of strategic relevant projects.  We have therefore decided to share our methodology through the WAGILE™ Academy.  

In this introductory video, we introduce the importance of good governance its guiding principles.

E&P Working Principles

At E&P we stipulate agility through governance over agility through the standardisation of the delivery model.

We derived working principles and concepts to empower our consulting teams to repeatedly implement efficient governance structures:

1. Split decision research & decision making

2. Implement a formal decision process

3. Establish an end-to-end accountability

4. Manage the cultural impact

5. Measure and communicate effectiveness

In this video, we introduce the E&P Working Principles to repeatedly deliver project success.

Split decision research & decision making

When it comes to decision making, the challenge is the risk of making a wrong decision!

We learned in previous videos that the quicker an organisation makes decisions, the more agile is the delivery.

At E&P we believe that the solution is the separation of decision research and decision making.

The separation of this process creates transparency and clear accountability.

In this video, we introduce the main E&P Working Principles that accelerates the entire decision process, and it has a positive impact on collaboration.