The benefits of Service 
Operations Management

Align IT services with business processes for maximum benefit and offer customers' requirements for transparency and user-friendliness in a cost-optimized manner. 

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

By thoroughly monitoring the infrastructure, we aim to ensure the integrity, stability, and continuous operation of services. This includes maintaining an accurate and up-to-date CMDB to support proactive management. 

Definition and Monitoring of Service Description, SLAs & KPIs & OKRs

Implement constant monitoring to ensure compliance with contractual SLA times, OKRs, and agreed KPIs. This vigilance helps us promptly report any deviations and take corrective actions to maintain the highest standards of service quality and performance. 

Streamlined Incident and Problem Management

Successful implementation of an optimized incident management process and effective communication and resolution of problems at the lowest possible level, guided by our expertise. 


Be smart with Service Governance 

No other area develops as quickly and is subject to constant change as IT. In order not to be left behind by the competition, it is essential to permanently deal with new specifications and standards. 

Audit-proof Documentation and Documentation Archiving

Implement professional standards by thoroughly documenting records, statements, test results, and more. This ensures your documentation is audit-proof, compliant, and easily archived for future reference. 

Plan services strategically

 Identify all factors that can increase company value through thorough business cases and requirements analysis. This strategic planning ensures sustainable and effective service design for long-term success. 

Continuous Performance Monitoring

Continuously monitor the availability and performance of your IT systems. This proactive approach ensures you can swiftly identify and address potential issues, maintaining optimal system functionality and minimizing 


New business opportunities 
with DevOps

DevOps enables companies to achive common goals as well as market advantages by enabling and ensuring fast releases into prod consideration of stability, reliability, availablity and security standards. 

Continous Delivery

We understand the problem and support you to design and deliver the right solution at the right time.

Built-in quality

We ensure that quality standards for each solution are already built-in during development-phase. 

Structured Transition into Operations

Our methodology ensures a smooth start to production and a high level of stakeholder satisfaction. 

E&P service management & operations Maturity Model

As businesses increasingly rely on technology, strong IT Service Management (ITSM) and Operations capabilities are essential. ITSM streamlines processes, reduces costs, and enhances service quality. Resilient IT Operations swiftly detect, diagnose, and resolve incidents and outages, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. 


At E&P, we specialize in helping businesses optimize their ITSM and Operations capabilities. Our experts can help you identify areas for improvement, implement best practices based on ITIL standards, and establish a culture of continuous improvement to drive better business outcomes. 

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Head of Service Management & Operations

“Don´t let inefficient IT operations hold your organization back. ”