Build a strong foundation 
Data Governance

Nearly every organization in every industry today handles data. With that comes the ever-increasing concern about data security and data accuracy. At E&P we understand that a strong foundation is key for a reliable reporting solution and with our services ranging from governance guidelines to concept creation, to visualizations and flows, you’re ensured to get secure and reliable business intelligence insights from your future reporting solutions.

Data Guideline & policy definition

In close cooperation with you, we define guidelines and policies to ensure data is accurate, secure, and used appropriately throughout your organization. This collaborative approach ensures that all data management practices align with your specific needs and regulatory requirements.

Data Integration Concept & ImplementatioN

We create a customized concept to achieve a comprehensive and consistent dataset of your organizations data. This includes mapping out data sources, developing integration strategies, and implementing solutions that streamline data flow across different systems.

Report Customization & AccessibilitY

Ensuring data is available in the right way to the right people is a key focus. We tailor reports to meet the specific needs of various stakeholders, enhancing the accessibility and usability of critical information for decision-making. 


Gain deeper insights into your 
operations and goals

To make proper business decisions it is critical to have accurate reporting of the relevant data. Based on our WAGILE™ Governance Framework, we provide a variety of intuitive reporting solutions that help you stay on track with your project.

Project Cost Controlling

We understand the importance of accurate budgeting and cost controlling. Our cost dashboard offers a customizable solution to track all project finances at any point.

Data Entry, Storage, and Maintenance Services

Our data entry service ensures reporting is based on the most up-to-date information and data is securely managed and stored. We also provide maintenance services to ensure that your dashboards stay up to date with any changes in the underlying data.

Project Management KPIS

Let us empower you to make data-driven decisions with our user-friendly project management KPI dashboards, tailored to your needs.


Be smart about business 
Keep moving forward!

To stay ahead of the competition data analytics insights are often critical to proactively respond to market changes and challenges. Whether you are just starting your Business Intelligence journey or already have your data and reporting in place, we have the right service to help you get started and improve your processes for future success.

BI Tool Selection & Integration

Elevate your Business Intelligence by selecting the tool that best fits your unique reporting needs, existing data sources, and organizational environment.

Data Efficiency & Data Quality Improvements

Streamline data flows and optimize processing to derive maximum value from your data and enhance decision-making capabilities.

BI Process Automation

Eliminate manual, time consuming and error-prone activities, allowing your organization to focus more on analysis and decision-making.

E&P Business Intelligence Maturity Model

In today’s data-driven, dynamic business environment, reaching Business Intelligence maturity is crucial for an organization’s success. An enterprise-wide BI mindset allows organizations to harness the power of data, transform it into actionable insights, and drive informed decision-making across all levels.

Based on our E&P BI maturity model, our experts can help you identify areas for improvement and establish a data-driven culture to improve operational efficiency and enhance competitiveness.

Elisabeth Kolb
Head of Business Intelligence

“Let’s foster trust and confidence in your data-driven initiatives.“