Data Migration Approach

Data Migration is a key focus for E&P Data Delivery as explained below. 


Our team has worked in the Telecommunications, Retail, Aviation, and Shipping industries, migrating customer and asset data with record volumes often in the hundreds of millions. The migration projects we have undertaken involved complex transformations with minimal permitted business cutover impact. 


The E&P Data Delivery approach is one of practicality, recognizing that each enterprise data migration project is different and faces unique challenges. We engage with legacy and target suppliers as well as client teams to create a cohesive and productive approach to the data migration work. In addition, our expertise enables E&P Data Delivery to provide integration solutions for bulk migration and BAU scenarios. We work with the customer to provide security-compliant, resilient, and scalable system-to-system capabilities. 

understanding business requirements

Understanding business requirements and the business impact of cutting over business processes from legacy to target systems. This involves detailed analysis and documentation of the current state, desired outcomes, and potential risks to ensure a smooth transition.

Infrastructure and Tool Selection

Carefully choosing infrastructure and tools according to the working environment, e.g., client knowledge, IT standards. This ensures that the chosen solutions are compatible with the client’s existing systems and can support the scale and complexity of the migration. 

Cost Implications and Expectations

Considering cost implications and expectations. We work closely with the client to develop a budget-conscious strategy that meets their needs without compromising on quality or efficiency.

Our Expert ­Capability

E&P Data Delivery provides experts from technical leadership to developers/engineers and DBAs:

  • E&P Data Delivery fulfils key roles such as migration strategy determination, testing and cutover execution. 
  • We have engineering skills that allow us to use 3rd party ETL tools or develop our own project specific tools where necessary. 
  • We work with most enterprise grade databases and have expertise in loading and tuning databases with vast volumes. 
  • Our projects have taken place on GCP, AWS and Azure cloud platforms. 
  • Our engineers have experience of migration to/from leading BSS solutions, MDM solutions, Salesforce, SAP and many other applications. 
Arun Atri
Head of Data Delivery

"Trust our expertise to manage your data migration with precision and integrity."