WAGILE™ Governance for
a holistic PMO approach

Successful organizations continue to empower their PMO to shift the focus from an administrative function to one that manages value delivery by keeping stakeholders informed of progress and outcomes while helping to control costs and secure the realization of strategic value.

At E&P, we understand governance and PMO as a holistic service, supporting our customers in making accurate decisions and actively driving the project rather than reacting to issues.


Passionate pmo experts

Our PMO professionals create the link between transparency and accountability to prevent mismanagement and inefficiencies. This transparency and the constant control of project performance make the difference. 

WAGILE™ Governance Framework

We provide out-of-the-box PMO services that utilize our proven WAGILE™ Governance Framework. This approach combines agile and traditional methodologies for flexibility and structure. Our framework adapts to your organization's needs, ensuring continuous improvement and excellence. 

Wagile.pro Software Tools

Our tools enable your organization to efficiently establish a PMO with confidence. These software solutions support project management processes with real-time insights and tracking capabilities. Integrating Wagile.pro tools streamlines operations and enhances strategic alignment.

Remote PMO Services

E&P provides Remote PMO Services for fast integration into organizations that are devoid of what should be an effective governance business function or consider that their existing PMO is not empowered to meet expectations.

Depending on your individual needs and business goals, we can offer different Remote PMO Services:

Basic PMO

Use our basic services to introduce a common vocabulary and standard to build the basis for scalability.

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If you wish more input for financials and planning, we provide additional insights, based on WAGILE™ standard KPIs.

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With our premium services, we also take over delivery responsibility and actively monitor and steer (parts of) your delivery/portfolio. A Senior Consultant is assigned as a single point of contact.

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Our virtual assistance takes over daily office tasks to have your back and thus enable you to work more efficiently and achieve your goals.

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E&P Remote PMO Maturity Model

An effective PMO is a key success factor for project delivery. With the right strategy, tools, and professionals, your PMO can reach its full potential, creating a reliable foundation for improved decision-making, effective communication, transparent processes, and more successful projects in general.

Based on our E&P PMO maturity model, our experts can help you identify opportunities for improvement and advise you regarding our services to establish a successful PMO that fits your individual needs and significantly improves your project delivery.

Jana Krumwieh
Head of Remote PMO

“With our unique combination of passionate PMO experts, our proven WAGILE™ Governance Framework, and Wagile.pro software tools, we will take your project delivery to the next level and beyond. ”