Remote work has become the new standard, significantly transforming project management practices. While the basic principles remain similar, the practical implementation of remote project management differs. Our quality Remote Project Management Office (RPMO) is designed to be the key to your success.

Collect Weekly Status

Basic Stakeholder Communication

Consolidate Status Input / Provide Reporting

Maintain Reporting Tool

Administrate and document Meetings

Set-up Planning /Follow up Milestones

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Remote PMO plan?

Our Remote PMO services establish standard processes and lay the foundation for scalability by implementing a consistent project management methodology, deploying project management software, and providing administrative support.

This foundation enables seamless project delivery, increased productivity, and scalable growth in an era of ever-changing business landscape.


  • Streamlining communication and collaboration, boosting productivity and efficiency.
  • Centralization of project management and oversight, ensuring visibility and accountability.
  • Proactive identification and mitigation of risks, minimizing disruption and setbacks.
  • Alignment of projects with strategic goals, enabling continuous valuation.

Use our Basic Remote PMO Services to introduce a common vocabulary and standard to build the basis for scalability.

Stakeholder Communication


In an organization, stakeholders are often left in the dark about project progress, leading to confusion, lost efforts, and potential delays in decision-making. This can be especially problematic when multiple teams are involved in the same project.


With the Basic Remote PMO, we address this challenge by diligently gathering timely project updates and transforming them into comprehensive reports. This enables each team to pool efforts in a targeted manner, facilitating informed decision-making and preventing delays.

Set-Up Planning/ Follow-Up Milestones


One of the key challenges of project management is setting up effective planning and following up on milestones. Plans often are vaguely drawn up and following up on progress can be difficult, resulting in loss of track and missing important targets.



Our Remote PMO ensures that projects stay on track and meet their goals by using success-proven project management tools, setting clear goals, communicating the plan to all team members and stakeholders, establishing regular check-ins, and proactively identifying and addressing problems.

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Basic PMO

Use our basic services to introduce a common vocabulary and standard to build the basis for scalability.

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If you wish more input for financials and planning, we provide additional insights, based on WAGILE™ standard KPIs.

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With our premium services, we also take over delivery responsibility and actively monitor and steer (parts of) your delivery/portfolio. A Senior Consultant is assigned as a single point of contact.

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Our virtual assistance takes over daily office tasks to have your back and thus enable you to work more efficiently and achieve your goals.

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