Example implementation 
of our (remote) PMO Service

Today’s organisations live in a world of disruption. Senior Management face challenges to steer their organisation towards strategic objectives while at the same time requiring the organisation to become more agile (including flatter hierarchies and continuous (IT) delivery).

Good Governance is an effective response to combat these challenges and an opportunity to leverage existing internal excellence.  Good governance enables the orchestration of strategic planning with operational delivery but requires a pre-condition: the willingness to implement effective senior management decision processes alongside a transparent, understood strategic delivery roadmap.

At E&P, we offer instruments that support the orchestration of strategic planning on all levels – project / programme / portfolio / company-wide.

The above diagram depicts a systems solution coupled with our Remote PMO to demonstrate how we govern the delivery of a strategic portfolio with multiple programmes and projects.  We integrate existing customer tools with our Wagile.pro PMO software and WAGILE™ Governance Framework.  In addition, we offer PMO standard services where needed.  As a result, we provide our customers a complete status, financial and risk overview with the ability to drill down from strategic objectives to operational delivery.