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As an independent consulting company, we support our customers in all areas concerning Identity & Access Management.

In today’s world, every business requires a Digital Business Strategy to be successful.

An essential part of every digital solution is managing and controlling accounts and authorizations, secure and practicable access procedures, data protection and cybersecurity transparency, and integrating data, technologies, processes, and services. 

Identity and access management systems help you increase the security of your organization. Automated provisioning ensures that accesses and authorizations are provided and revoked on time. Authorizations that are no longer required are revoked. A request and approval workflow based on role-based permissions ensure that all employees have the necessary permissions. 

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Our Focus is on 
Identity Governance

Many organizations limit themselves to the management of identities and authorizations. Identity governance is an extension of identity management.  It is about transparency and auditability, i.e., providing audit-proof evidence at any time of which account had which authorizations, when, and why.

Every industry has legal requirements regarding data security and protection that require centralized control using identity and access management processes, and compliance with these requirements must be verifiable.

We can help organizations to make accounts, authorizations, and accesses traceable at any time.

Product Focus

Our team has a deep understanding of IAM processes and methodologies. In addition, we have gathered know-how about many different products in various customer projects. Currently, our work is focused on the One Identity product family. E&P is an official partner of One Identity.

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Head of Identity & Access Management

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